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Hi, My name is Kimmie and I work with the Mental Health Crisis Angels team on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter here.I have a dual diagnosis of Bipolar affective disorder and EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality disorder-more commonly known/formerly known as BPD). I also suffer from anxiety. All of this can make my mood very unstable.Today, this post is a little more about me and my role on the team, in the form of a Q & A.

What is your role on the team?

I am a MHCrisisAngel Advocate, which means I actively promote the MHcrisisangels.


What does this role involve?

The role involves me retweeting, compiling my own Tweets and using the appropriate #MHCrisisAngels hashtag as well as liking posts made from the main account to improve/maintain visibility within the vast Twitter sphere.


When did you join the MH Crisis Angels Team?

End of November 2018


What made you want to join the team?

Having trained in peer support and also seeing how much of a positive difference the lived experience that peer supporters have can make in the lives of those with MH issues its something I am passionate about. Any way I can help promote peer support as well as making a difference in a positive way helps me as well as helps others.


What is your favourite thing about being on the MH Crisis Angels team?

Making new connections within Twitter, all of whom “get” MH difficulties


What is the most rewarding part of being on the team?

It’s the knowledge that the Tweets I make could really help someone whose struggling reach out and I know from personal experience that one person showing faith in you can make a change, which leads to other changes and before you know it things can be or just seem improved.


Do you ever find being on the team challenging?

I am an advocate which I find in no way challenging, however if I was to encounter challenges I know there is support within the team should I want it.


Do you have any advice for anyone who might be thinking about joining the team?

Talk to us, find out how it works, what you’ll be joining….its not just a one way street you aren’t just giving peer support your also getting the feel good feeling of knowing your making a difference.As rewarding as it is being part of the team you must always look afteryourself first and don’t take on more than you are able, as the quote says you cannot pour from an empty cup


What do you do outside of the MH Crisis Angels?

Outside of the MH Crisis Angels, I am a volunteer peer support drop in worker volunteer having 18months ago completed an accredited peer support course for a local MH organisation. I also enjoy drawing and curling up with a book, currently The monogram murders by Sophie Hannah. I also have two teenage children one of whom has their own MH issues who I see most days (they live with my mum) who keep me on my toes.

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