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Self Care with Susie – January: Jack in the Junk

So this is a 12 month continous block. I will be giving 12 examples of things we can do each month, that promote self care, self awareness and self motivation. I will be doing these tasks you can join me in this as you wish. I will put up the monthly ideas and follow them up with my progress at the end of the month. You can add your progress too.

January: Jack in the Junk

We all have stuff. Stuff that’s been forgotten, doesn’t fit or is just tucked away out of sight. Maybe during January you can join me in doing something useful with the junk. Whilst the winter days drag on and the days seem to be getting shorter not longer. It could be a way of making a bit of extra money. Or why not donate it to a charity of choice. Let someone else benefit from your junk. Decide what or who, you want to benefit.
I’ve broken the month down into 4 weekly parts. So it seems more manageable. If it’s taking up space and not being used it’s cluttering up that space.

Week 1
Do you find yourself reaching for the same clothes week in week out? Or maybe you have a pile of clothes that you’ll fit into? Take the time in these dark winter months to get rid and clear out. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it’s unlikely that you will wear it. It’s a time to be ruthless. Try to take the emotion out of it. Ah, that used to be my favourite top, um used to be. Ruthless, it’s got to go. Make your wardrobe work for you. Everything that remains must be practical, if it stays it’s got to be worn. I have so many clothes most I don’t get around to wearing, because………… no reason. I just like clothes. This weekend I did my wardrobe. I’m embarrassed or proud to admit, this morning I took 3 full bin liners to a charity shop. I won’t get around to listing them and selling them. I feel I’ve saved myself all the hassle and donated them.

Week 2
The kitchen.
I’m a gadget girl in the kitchen. I love all my gadgets, I think I use them all. True story, I don’t.
I have pots and pans from when I was cooking for a larger family. There’s only 2 of us now. I don’t need all those saucepans and trays. I’ve set myself a challenge for second week. I have a small kitchen now, I down sized my house but I didn’t downsize my kitchen contents. So if I don’t use them, again I’ve got to be ruthless again. If it’s not working for me it’s got to go. Cardboard boxes to be filled. Things I think are suitable for sale are going to charity shop. The unsaleable things I can recycle. Like my wardrobe is now clearer I want the same for my kitchen. I have found 2 large boxes. I intend to fill at least one for the charity shop.

Week 3
I love books. I don’t have a TV so I read avidly. So i have a lot of books around my home. I really need to look at them. I have lots that I’ve read and also a lot I intend to read. So again the charity shop needs to brace itself for lots of books. My intentions first, easy one first. If I’ve read it, it’s going to charity. The harder bit, the ones I intend to read. I want to read them all. So I’m setting a challenge to halve the pile. Keep to read the books by the authors I’ve read before. The authors I’ve not read before have to go. Someone else can read them. Books are my stuff. What’s yours? Cds? Dvds? Vases? Ornaments? Oddments of material? Craft projects? Can you do the same as I’m doing with my books?

Week 4
A short week.
For me it’s the linen cupboard.
This for me has to be done for practical reasons. How many sets of bed sheets do I really need? Realistically 2 sets, 1 on and 1 in the wash. I’m also going to keep another spare set. I haven’t counted but I do have more than 3 sets. So the others have to go. Again I’ll donate them as they are saleable. Also the spare sheers, what do I have them for? They’re spare sheets. I don’t use them, can’t actually think of a reason that I would use them. Confession time. In my linen cupboard, I’ve a large collection of throws and blankets. Since I’ve moved I’ve not used them. My home is so cosy compared to my old home. Taking up space and not being used. I know someone who works with a homeless charity. I’m sure that he will be able to make use of them. They will be used. To help someone else keep the chill out.

So I’ve outlined my intentions for this month. I’ve already done the wardrobe. I intend to complete the other 3 weeks. Clear space, clear mind or that’s the thinking.

I’ll update you of my progress at the end of the month.

See you then, Susie

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